What I’ve Bought From Amazon Lately

May 31, 2023

I must be in my Amazon shopping era because I seem to always have an order on the way and I am loving everything that shows up at my door! From clothes to home to toys, here is everything worth grabbing from Amazon in your next order.

Summer Set 

I am living in and LOVING this set! Initially, I bought this in white for a gorgeous beachy summer look, and now I have gone back for the dark pink version. One important note is that I do not like the fit on me as a set, but I do love each of the pieces on their own with other items in my closet. And for the price, it’s still a steal. PS the white is NOT see through!

Sizing: I’m 5’6 and about 150 lbs right now and went with a Large. I love the oversized fit of the top, but really went for the large to make sure the elastic waist of the high-waisted short was not too tight. I think a medium would still have looked great, but I still went back for the second set in a large since I like the fit so much.

Pink Eye Patches

Cruelty-free eye patches at a great price. I love keeping these in the fridge and putting them on in the morning to de-puff and kick off the day.

Dior-Inspired Sandals 

You could pay almost a thousand dollars for the Christian Dior version…or you could grab these cuties from Amazon. As someone that loves Dior and all, but I’m definitely paying the lesser Amazon price.

Silverware Organizer

I continue to find random things around my house to organize. As organized as I think I am, I turn or open a drawer and am confronted with another spot that needs some attention. The silverware drawer was that place recently. I actually got two of these; one for each set of silverware that was floating around in said drawer.

Mushie Pop Phone

Beckham LOVES this phone. He sits and pops it in the car, while watching his fave show before bed, wandering around the house….wherever. And the cutest thing in the world is when he puts it to his ear and pretends to talk on it.

Jewelry Display/Organizer

If I can’t see it, I won’t remember I have it and then I certainly won’t wear it. This display fits all of the necklaces and bracelets I wear on the regular so that they are all right there for me to grab and throw on as I get dressed.

Burger and Steak Press Set

This is literally sitting on my porch as I type and I cannot wait to give it a try this weekend. Drew and I are hoping to make smashburgers since we cannot find a burger joint near us that we love. I also enjoy making us steaks at home and a steak weight helps to cook the steak more evenly.

Happy shopping!


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