May Bestsellers!

June 1, 2021

I love when you all shop with me! It is one of the best parts about blogging that I get to share things I find with you. Seeing how much you love the products I share makes it all that much more fun, too. I want to start doing a monthly recap of the items you love the most, so I’m creating a monthly post for ‘bestsellers’. Here’s what we have all been loving in the month of May:

Bedding from Nordstrom Rack

I got a recommendation from one of my girlfriends to try this brand of sheets and I will never buy anything else again! They are so comfy and the most affordable sets I’ve ever seen. Drew and I both enjoyed our first set so much that we bought a backup set, then one for our guest bedroom, and followed that up with a comforter. After that, my sister bought herself some and has fallen in love with them, too. I’ll never look anywhere else for bedding. HIGHLY recommend!

Dining Room Rug

Rugs are such a mystery to me. I’ve talked to a few friends who are in this boat with me: Why are they so unattractive and so pricey?? Luckily, we have Target in our lives. I found our living room’s 8×10, our kitchen runner, and our newest dining room rug. This one is secretly my favorite. It is the most soft and plush. I often come into the room and see Bellatrix lounging on it.

Long Curtains

The curtains in my living area and now in my bedroom have been another best seller for this month! I was skeptical about putting up curtains and covering the gorgeous windows and molding in our new home. However, these actually accentuate them! I’ve had so many people reach out about where I found them and say how much they love the look. Best part? They’re actually blackout curtains! So they really work to protect against the sun when it is coming straight in those gorgeous windows while we are trying to watch TV.

Target Ankle Boots

Who knew we’d still be buying boots in May, but here we are! I love these perforated ankle boots so much, and I’m so glad you all do too. They would be super cute with a dress right about now! Bonus: they’re on CLEARANCE!

Adidas Kicks

My favorites! I have these Adidas Originals in all-white and white w/ black stripes. I love pairing them with leggings, jeans, shorts, or even a dress to give a casual, sporty look to the outfit.

Do you have favorites that didn’t make the list this month? Check back next month! You may just be ahead of the curve!

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