Sunday Refresh Routine

June 4, 2023

Spend your Sunday with me! I love to use Sunday as a way to set up for the week ahead. Below you’ll find the key ways I quickly get myself and my family ready for the week with my Sunday refresh routine. 


Literally every day starts with a Chai Tea Latte for me. I’m hooked and I don’t care. It’s how I get myself going every morning and gives me a few minutes each day to sit and sip before digging in to what’s on the agenda. 

Meal Planning

I like to plan for the week ahead so that when it inevitably gets too busy, I already have all of our meals mapped out for us. Even before Beckham joined the party, getting groceries was always such a laborous task; the time and energy spent on this task every weekend started feeling like it was cutting into an already short amount of relaxing time. Grocery shopping with DoorDash or another delivery service in your area can save you that time physically schlepping to the store so that you can allocate that time to other things. I love that I can sit down for a few minutes and talk through what meals we want to eat each day while adding their ingredients to my cart. This really helps us to ensure we get everything we need for a meal compared to what we already have in our pantry. No more forgetting things at the store! 

Wash Sheets/Comforter

If you aren’t washing or switching out your sheets once a week, I highly recommend adding this into your routine. Not only is it suggested to wash them regularly anyway, but the feeling of a fresh set of sheets when you tuck into bed on a Sunday night truly feels relaxing. I knock these out along with a load or two of regular laundry to make sure we all have everything we could need to grab and go each day. 

Clean Bathrooms

I wipe down our bathrooms once a week or so. Knocking this out on Sundays means I am not thinking about it every time I go into the bathroom during the workday (I work from home) and letting it linger til after work when I want to sit and unwind. Even simply wiping down your sink and counters can make this small space feel refreshed if you don’t have time to do more. 


Whether it’s dishes in the sink/dishwasher that just need to be washed and put away or take out containers piling up in the trash that needs taking out, your kitchen getting some love can make your whole house feel lighter and brighter. In addition to trying (‘trying’ being a key word here) to wipe down at least the counters of my kitchen after making dinners, I like to try to spend even 5-10 minutes on a Sunday wiping down all of the surfaces, doing a load of dishes, and taking out the trash. It sets me up for the week in a great way. Plus, when you inevitably walk through your kitchen on your way to work Monday morning, you’re not met with piles of junk you know you’re going to have to deal with when you come home. 


If (like me) you have pets, vacumming is an essential part of a weekly reset routine. My pugs shed and so do we! Between the five of us all living in this house, vacuuming every weekend is a must so that we can breathe easy. If you aren’t doing this, just look at the amount of junk your vacuum picks up from your carpets (and your hardwoods!) each week and you’ll see what I mean by it being essential. 

This all sounds like it could be a Herculean set of tasks, but each only takes about 10 minutes and some work while the others are happening (like laundry or the dishwashing going while you are vacuuming, etc). Set aside one hour on your Sunday morning to get everything in motion or done (depending on the task) and watch how much better your home looks and you feel as you are able to catch up on your latest TV addiction, head to the park, or anything else you actually WANT to do with your weekend.

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