Pick of the Week: Your Jewelry Storage Solution

August 20, 2018

In the spirit of chic organization, this jewelry case from Vlando is the perfect way to store or display your pieces. When you are selecting a storage piece for your jewelry, one of the best things you can do is find something that has a soft, velvet-like lining. Metals will interact with one another, so never store them in a metal container. Another reason to love this pick is that each piece can be separated within the case. This helps to keep metals of different jewelry pieces from interacting and one piece from knocking into another. Some of my larger items could easily scratch the face of a watch, for example, if they are left to bounce around within the same space. This chic case is available in a blush tone (my favorite) as well as black on Amazon now! If you need something a little smaller or larger, they also have a number of other options and colors so that you can integrate what works best for your style.

Vlando Jewelry Case

Faux Leather Jewelry Case, Amazon


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