Welcome Home!

May 17, 2021

It has been a crazy busy last month or so as we’ve moved into our new home! I have been sharing a lot of the randomness with you all on my Instagram stories, but we are finally getting things to a point where I can take some pictures and share them here on the blog too.

I kept waiting for sod so we could take a decent picture from the front of the house without it looking like we lived in a dirt patch. Finally, the landscapers showed up one afternoon about two weeks ago ready to lay that sod! Luckily the fencing company we used had come out the day prior and put up a black metal-style fence in our back yard. Now the pugs are truly living their best lives!

This weekend, I finally styled the front door for spring/summer. I am secretly counting down to the holiday season when I can really get cute with all the decorations. Until then, we are about our modern farmhouse vibes! The ‘Welcome’ sign that now resides on our front porch is the same one I made last year during quarantine. It was easy and cost-friendly to do it myself instead of buying one from Etsy or Amazon, and I shared my How-To here. Don’t worry though! If you aren’t in the mood for a DIY, I have options to buy linked here.

I also upgraded our garage door with ‘custom’ finishes. By ‘custom’ I do mean this Amazon magnet kit that makes your garage doors look like they are expensive and not just the normal old garage door. So worth it!

By far the easiest DIY project for your home and it can make such a huge impact on your curb appeal. We did this on our first house with a different style of accents. I like this kit more than I did the one we used before as it looks more solid and was easier to place since the magnets are strong but not overwhelmingly so.

I’m excited to keep sharing more of our home finds and fixes with you all! Let me know in the comments or via direct message on Instagram if there are things that you want to see me share from the house!



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