Fashion Tomes For Your Home

October 8, 2021

Be honest, you have seen books on Instagram and Pinterest and wanted to grab them right off that coffee table so you can put them in your own home. Finding them without spending more than your furniture can sometimes be easier said than done, though. Some of these books come at a cost that would make most question if it can also mow the yard and do the dishes. I have spent years scouring second-hand bookstores, random decor stores, Target, Amazon, and Home Goods finding Chanel, Dior, Vuitton, and so much more to stock my house. Now, I’ve tracked down 5 of the most popular fashion coffee table books and found them for their most affordable prices.

THE Louis Vuitton Book

The Black and White Chanel Camelia Book

The Black and White Tom Ford Book

The Dior Catwalk Book

Note: There are Catwalk books for Chanel (pictured above), Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, and Louis Vuitton also available.

The Making of Gucci

Best part of these books is that they are beautiful inside and out. They make for perfect decor pieces and incredible reads. Don’t be fooled by prices in major decor stores, though! You can find them here and if you are out at your local second-hand bookstore for much less than their full price so you can make you home chic on a budget.

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