We Have Flooring!

March 4, 2021

I have loved sharing all of these updates with you throughout the process of building our home! It has been even more fun to share in the last few weeks as we really start to see things come together and feel like it is becoming the house we designed almost a year ago.

This past week saw us getting our gorgeous flooring in! We chose to use luxury vinyl flooring (LVP) as it is durable and scratch resistant, which is great for our fur babies. There will be carpet in the bedrooms and basement, but throughout the main living area we have this gray tone hardwood alike!

The bathrooms and kitchen were also decked out with tile and countertops this week. I cannot even tell you how long I spent just running my hand on the island countertop. It is just so pretty!! And the tile throughout came out so well. Since our builder and contractor handle the different trades coming in and working throughout the house, we do not have contact with them. We were lucky enough to stop by the house with our builder rep while the tile guy was finishing up our fireplace, so we were able to thank him profusely for the amazing job he did. I mean, seriously. Just look at this shower! (PS these pics were taken without any lighting in the house, so there are some shadows that I couldn’t avoid.)

We are just barely over a month away from moving into this incredible house and make it our home!


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