Life Update!

April 29, 2021

We are officially moved into our new home! I have had the most hectic last few weeks getting the move done and setting up the house. I haven’t even had a moment to sit and relax much less write a blog post. But I’m having the best time nesting in this new home!

The house itself is fantastic! We have all of the boxes unpacked and most of the furniture bought/built. There are bits and pieces in nearly every room that still need to be done; blinds in the bedrooms, a dining table for the living space along with curtains, a mattress for the guest room.

We’ve had a few little hiccups as new homeowners that have been fun to navigate. Our AC was blowing room temperature air and we made the assumption that it was having a tough time cooling the house due to the huge windows without curtains/blinds. Then we realized it wasn’t blowing cold air at all. After having the builder come out and find nothing, we had the HVAC company come out only to tell us that someone working on the house at some point turned off the breaker for the AC to make sure the cold air didn’t run during the winter. So the switch needed to be flipped. We felt so silly, but who hasn’t had a ‘duh’ moment like that?

But we are settling in and taking out little projects here and there that I’m excited to be able to share with you. Here’s what I have on my to do list for the house that I will be sharing soon here on the blog:

In the meantime, this week is Kansas City Fashion Week! I will be sharing all of the looks that I love during the shows each night on my Instagram stories followed by recaps and trends here. Be sure to get your tickets here if you’d like to join me for these virtual shows! There’s nothing better than the front row seat being your own couch!

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