The Dining Room Reveal

May 20, 2021

In addition to telling us that blinds/curtains cost way more than you’d think, we should also be warned about how hard it is to find an affordable dining table or rugs for your home! When I finally found a table that I could put up with, it came damaged…TWICE. Thankfully Target’s customer service is incredible and coordinated to have have the giant thing picked up both times. After the second one, I happened to drive by an At Home store with Drew and we decided to run in and see what they had, thinking surely they don’t have dining tables but we’re already here so no harm in checking for the random home items still on our list. We hit the jackpot! Not only did we find a dining table, it matched our chairs we’d already bought, fit in the modern farmhouse theme, AND it was a THIRD the price of the one from Target! Win win win!

And have you ever shopped for rugs before?? I hadn’t until we picked out the flooring for this house and knew we’d want at least 2 big rugs for our main living area. That’s when I realized what a racket the rug market is! Everywhere is selling these things for hundreds of dollars and most of them aren’t even cute! No, thank you. Target has been a godsend there, too. I found all of the rugs in our living area (one 8×10, one 9×12, and a kitchen runner) there and will continue to buy from them because the quality is fantastic at an unbeatable price.

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