How To Organize Your Spice Rack

January 13, 2021

Yep. You read that right. Spice rack organization. Because that’s what adults get excited about. Or at least this adult does!

I recently found these spice labels on Etsy and felt like they were crying out to be my next project to prep up for our new home that we move into this year. This was a super easy project with a beautiful result.

All you need are these two easy items:


I went with 2in cylindrical glass containers from Michael’s Crafts. They were not in stock when I last looked, but you should be able to find them at your local store if you prefer them to the Amazon options. Although, the Amazon bulk option does save you money.


After you get the containers and know the size/shape you have, head to Etsy for these gorgeous labels. They come in multiple sizes that will fit whatever you choose. I would also suggest going through the label options to figure out if you need all 60 offered. I only needed the first 40 for the seasonings we use, so I save a few dollars there.

Once you have those two components, you are ready! The labels stick right onto the containers and I eye-balled the placement on mine. If you want to grab a measuring tape to get them all just right, there’s no judgement here!

This is my finished product:

Happy organizing!

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