Our Nursery Reveal!

April 27, 2022

I have been loved every second of putting Beckham’s nursery together. While he won’t be putting it to too much use in these earlier days since he’s sleeping in our room, I love seeing his space come together. It is calming and beautiful and perfect for our sweet little man.

I chose a crib and matching changing table that each convert as he grows. The crib converts to a protected day bed and then into a twin bed as his needs change, and the changing table is simply a dresser with an extra piece on top for the changing spot. So when he is no longer in need of the changing table portion, we just remove it and it’s a normal dresser! I love knowing that the pieces we’ve chosen (and that we or our family have invested in) are going to grow with our baby to meet his lifestyle needs over the future years to come. It certainly makes the cost more effective knowing that we are not going to have to replace all the main bedroom pieces in another year or two simply because he is no longer a baby.

While the crib and dresser are from the same collection of furniture, I ventured out to find the chair, side table, lamp, and ottoman.

Keeping the base colors in a neutral color palette allows you to be able to accent it with wall decor, lamps, or other decor items that compliment it so they can be changed out as time goes on and likes evolve. We already had some of the wall hangings up in his room when it was Drew’s office. When I saw a larger canvas print of the Arsenal team’s soccer stadium that was in the same blue as those prints, I snagged it. Now there are two Star Wars and a soccer wall hanging that compliment each other and give more to the room’s furnishings that are all in grays/black/white.

While we don’t have a theme per se, his room feels comfortable and calm. It makes for a perfect, simple space for our little family.


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