Home Office Update 2023

July 26, 2023

It’s hard to believe it has been over 3 years now since I started working remotely! I have been in my current home office since we moved here in 2021, so after 2 years, it was time for a bit of an upgrade.

While most of my furniture and decor stayed as is, the biggest change that I needed was to my desk. I loved the bookshelves and storage that my Ikea desk provided, but functionally it was just not quite working. My husband has had a standing desk in his home office for the past 2 years and has loved it, so I took a page out of his book and ordered it in white. I have not been disappointed! It has been a game-changer being able to adjust the height based on if I want to slouch a bit or completely stand to move around some while on a call. I also love the amount of space I have on the desktop itself since it is slightly larger than my previous desk (but doesn’t feel larger since the legs aren’t bulky storage units).




New desktop accessories and planners for my desk have helped me elevate my organizational skills for work and home, too. I use my ‘You’ve Got This’ planner daily to sit down at the beginning of the day and map out what I want to accomplish. It keeps me focused and also helps me not to forget things as the day goes on. It has been amazing to me just how much it can help to have one little note pad handy for that or to have a riser for my laptop to create that little bit more desktop space. My entire vibe shifts being organized and clear for the day ahead of me.

Click any photo to shop the look from my desk to my office accessories!


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