Our Home Update

May 3, 2020


It has been a bit since I last updated on the progress of our new home, and today I finally feel good about saying something even if it isn’t much. Even with the stay-at-home orders, building and real estate have always been deemed ‘essential’ so we are still on track with our new build. After the logistics were complete, our builder was able to submit our building plans to the city for approval. We should have an answer very soon from the city and be ready to break ground shortly after!

From the time ground breaks it will likely take about six months to complete our little modern farmhouse-inspired home. We are still on track to be moving in late in 2020 and I could not be more thrilled even though I know we are still a while out. It has been a stressful last few weeks getting things set up with the bank and the builder to make sure that we have everything that everyone needs in terms of paperwork, but every thing we do feels like another box checked and step taken towards our dream home.

While I wait for the house to take shape, the builder has provided me with virtual tours of our floorplan! You can check out the general floorplan of our home here (keep in mind we will have a finished basement that this tour does not include). You can also check out the version with the finished basement here. Let me know what you think in the comments or over on Instagram!

Drew was terrified from the time we signed our purchase contract that I would be going nuts buying up everything I saw that I wanted to decorate the house. I don’t want to jinx anything by making a purchase so I have and will hold off until after we have broken ground. Even then, without being able to measure certain spaces, I will be limiting that to make sure we only buy what we really want and need. HOWEVER, I did cave and grab this adorable bread box. I figured that it is something I would use in my decor no matter the house so it doesn’t quite count as being FOR the new house. Sneaky logic at best, I know, but we got good news from our lender right after I ordered it so it’s a lucky bread box to me now!

Metal Bread Box

Hopefully we will have more good news to share very soon!


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