Major Life Update…To Say The Least

April 20, 2022

He’s here! Beckham Christian Binns was born at 4:29pm on April 14th, 2022. We had quite an eventful hospital stay starting 4 days prior that I’m not really sure I can describe. A few days after he was born, I looked at Drew and said ‘I don’t think there is any way I could ever describe what I went through in a way that would allow anyone else to understand it. You watching me go through it…you’re the only one that will ever really know.’ So for now, I will only share that in the end, I had a c section in order to bring this little man into the world.

It has been 12 days since that surgery and I am finally starting to feel some level of my normal. My body is still recovering and I could not be more grateful to Drew for forcing me to take everything slowly and to relax. I am walking around the house more and more each day, but restricting my activities to making bottles and hanging out on the couch with Beckham more often than not. It is incredible to have this time as a family to get into a rhythm together.

This blog is usually more fashion-related, but with a newborn fashion, for me, is out the door completely and replaced by comfort and function. I spent the first 8-9 days in mostly Drew’s clothes. For the first week, I was so swollen from all the fluids that I couldn’t even put on a pair of tennis shoes! I was lucky that my winter faux Ugg boots from Target fit and that the temperatures were staying lower so that I could at least get out of the house for Beckham’s first doctor’s appointment.

This week, I’m getting into the swing of things a little better as my body continues to get stronger each day. I was even able to drive myself to get a manicure yesterday! Drew and I agreed before having him that we would stay committed to doing things that we enjoyed and having time to ourselves as well as our time together as a family. If he or I isn’t happy, healthy, and fulfilled within ourselves, we cannot be there for one another. So we make time each day to do our routines (shower, self-care, reading, etc.) while integrating Beckham into that lifestyle. He is part of it now after all!

Throughout all of this, the one thing that I continue to come back to is that I could not imagine doing this on my own. The women who are single mothers are truly incredible. Coming out of a c section, I could not lift myself up to a seated position without help for the first day or two, and after that it still took a massive effort in the days that followed. Having a partner that is supportive and participative in every aspect of my recovery needs as well as in caring for our child has made a world of difference in my ability to be doing as well as I feel like I am at this point.

Overall, we feel like we lucked out with this kiddo. He is already so sweet and snuggly, and he is settling into a routine with us. The pugs are already in love with him, too. While I know we will have a lot of interesting times ahead of us as we learn together, we are all so happy and excited to be doing it.

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