Spring Cleaning: Organizing Under The Sink

April 29, 2022

Two weeks post-baby and this was the first little home project I decided to tackle during my maternity leave. I basically can’t sit still, so I am pacing myself into small walks and projects as my body allows. This one was so quick and easy! In under 15 minutes, my sink storage went from messy and disorganized to clean and functional. Plus, now it looks great, too!


And after!

All it took was a few of these stackable bins from Target! I grabbed one with an open front, one without, and a smaller one for my dishwasher pods, and voilà!

Open Front Stackable Storage Bin
Stackable Storage Bin
Small Stackable Storage Bin

Getting items stacked to use the vertical space made all the difference in the world for freeing up this cabinet from clutter. Now, everything has a holding place and is easy to access when I need it. Gotta love a quick and affordable organizational project that makes life easier!


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