Home Progress!

June 23, 2020


We finally have some news: We broke ground this week! If you can’t tell in the picture above, there is a giant hole in the ground in the middle of all that dirt clumped up. It is SO exciting to finally be seeing progress versus talking and waiting. Our permitting took longer to go through the city due to everything going on in the world right now, so we’ve had to wait a bit longer than expected to get to this point. Now that we are here, I am excited beyond words to watch our dream home come to life!

Drew is making fun of me already knowing that I will want to drive by and see things happening. I have no shame in my game though. I want to see the process as it happens (from the street to avoid getting in anyone’s way, of course). If you don’t already, follow me on Instagram here to get all the updates and on Pinterest here for my Modern Farmhouse Inspiration board. And of course, you’ll get all the Bella on Instagram.



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