Fashion Art From Amazon (Seriously)

August 13, 2021

Moving from an apartment to a big new house has meant that there were rooms where we didn’t have any furniture when we first moved in. We quickly added to those areas of the house that we use often and ordered what could wait. Now that we have some of the bigger ticket items either in place or on order, I’ve started to turn my attention to the walls.

We did have a decent amount of wall art, but with such high ceilings and so many walls to fill, we have been on the lookout for more art. Recently, I turned my attention to Amazon for help. This was another moment of ‘why didn’t I think to look here before??’. Knowing that I was after ‘fashion wall art’ helped me in being able to narrow my search, but I was impressed with the options available. I have ordered some for my own house, but want to share some of the incredible options with you!

Coco Chanel Fashion Soup

p.s. This is the one that I just ordered for my closet!

Chanel Toilet Paper

Louis Vuitton Truck Canvas

Louis Vuitton Wall Prints

Chanel Parfum 

Chanel Surfboards

Prada Milan

Most of these are canvas prints, but even a great wall print version could be framed and hung to similar effect. Happy art shopping!

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