My N-Sale Shopping Cart

August 13, 2020

Over the past few weeks during the preview and early access, I have been narrowing down my Wish List for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (aka the N-Sale) to just the items I really want. So what exactly is in my Nordstrom cart, you might ask? Let me show you!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Cart

You can screenshot this pic to shop the links via email when you have the app! Make sure you are following me in the app, too!

I’m shopping today thanks to having a Nordstrom credit card and am grabbing everything below that I can in my size. Plus, a pair of Adidas sneakers for Drew.

I look forward to this sale each summer because it allows me to shop some of the items from brands and designers in a more affordable way. Some things in the sale go up to 60% off of regular prices! That puts these more pricey items more in my budget. When you can get pieces that will last you for years at that kind of discount, it makes the purchase far more reasonable than just splurging on full-priced when the sale ends or buying less expensive and less well-made items elsewhere.

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