The N-Sale (Nordstrom Sale) Explained

August 4, 2020

nordstrom anniversary sale 2020

If you haven’t looked into THE Nordstrom Sale before or just don’t really get the hype of it, you may very well be missing out on the best way to shop some of the best brands Nordstrom has to offer. Each summer, Nordstrom celebrates its anniversary by gifting us with fall’s best new pieces from top brands at a deep discount.

That’s right. This sale is not like your average every day sale. Most brands and companies put items on sale when they have been trying to sell them at full price and either haven’t sold the whole stock or have to get rid of the stock in order to make room for the next season’s goods. In the case of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Nordstrom is taking pieces that are BRAND NEW for the fall season and marking them down from the beginning of their being available before putting them at full price a few weeks later.

On top of that, they give you the heads up BEFORE these items go live so that you can plan what you want to buy. For a planner, like me, this means I can preview and budget to get the items I’m after! How nice is that?? I like to think it is their way of being my kind friend; so considerate of the fact that I like to plan and budget and have a house to pay for.

Now the downside of that is that there are always a few things that sell out quickly. There are waves to getting in for shopping depending on how much you’ve spent on your Nordstrom card in past years. If you have the card in general, that buys you a week of shopping ahead of the general public and then depending on how much you have spent on it you go up from there. Here is the breakdown to add to your calendar:

nordstrom anniversary sale dates 2020.png There are just a few quick things I like to do to be prepared to shop this sale. 

  1. Preview what is going on sale and save the items I am loving to my Wish List
  2. Make sure my account is active and I’m logged in with my Nordstrom card linked. If you don’t have a card already, you can get either a straight credit card or you can opt for the debit card that links to your checking account so that you can’t overspend. I love when that is an option because it reins in my spending knowing that it has to come out of my budget, not a credit line.
  3. Mark my calendar with a reminder on my phone so that I can snag the items I want most before they are gone!

Pro Tip: This year I am going 100% virtual. Not only because of COVID, but also because last year there was a sweater I was coveting that I ordered for curbside pickup. Sadly, it sold out before one could be picked up by an associate for my order and I am going to be trying again this year to get it. So this year I am going to order online with Nordstrom’s free shipping and returns! Why not, right?

To see which sweater I’m after along with all of my other favorites from this year’s sale, head over to my for all the links! Be sure to follow on here so that you never miss out on sales and great finds for your home and style.

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