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December 8, 2019

Being back in Kansas City with friends and family has positively impacted both mine and my husband’s lives and well-beings tremendously. Living in Texas was an amazing adventure that made us realize how much life there is to live and how much exploring you can do in the city you live in. Austin, TX gave us an ignited curiosity and boldness to get out and do/try more. Coming home to KC we have been keeping that alive and the city has so much to offer that it isn’t difficult at all to find something new every week.


(Outfit details below)

This weekend we celebrated my sister, Slaney’s birthday. We took her to an amazing dinner at a restaurant in the River Market District called Le Fou Frog. A friend introduced us to this little spot earlier this year and we were absolutely hooked from the first bite. It is certainly a special occasion spot for us with the price point being what it is, but it is worth every penny. A French restaurant with genuine French cuisine, the walls are lined in everything from movie posters to sketches and the lights are low making it an escape from the usual dining experience.


(Outfit details below)

We kept the classy going by heading to Kauffman Performing Arts Center to see a performance of Handel’s Messiah. Kansas City is so fortunate to have such an amazing space in which to showcase the incredible talent on display. Having played violin for many years, I have an immense love for seeing performances like this, but my husband and sister have come to appreciate and enjoy seeing them as well. Seeing a live performance like these is a great way to break out of the mold of sitting on the couch and watching tv as so often can be the case.

No matter where you live, I challenge you to seek out something new to do this week! Try a restaurant you wouldn’t normally go to, seek out a live performance, or grab a coffee from a local spot and walk around the neighborhood for a few. I would bet you will find something new to love and enjoy in your own city or town that you may have overlooked before.

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Cream Sweater (wearing a Small)

Leather Legging Pants (mine are H&M from about 5 years ago, but I found some that are similar!)

Black Heels (classics; a must-have for your wardrobe. Mine are a slightly different pair from a few years ago in a faux leather, but I found this pair that I would recommend)

Plaid Winter Coat (mine is Avec Les Filles from Nordstrom. I grabbed it during their Anniversary Sale over this past summer, and it has since sold out. But this coat is a great alternative for even less.)


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