My Hair Transformation With The Glossary Salon

August 16, 2020

Fall is like the New Year in the fashion world. The leaves start to change and so do our outfits so why not our hair too? I love getting a refresh to go into the fall months a new and more richly colored woman. The summer months mean my hair sees a lot of sun and gets lighter so I like to bring in warmer tones for the autumn months.

This season, I trusted The Glossary Salon in Overland Park, KS, to take me there! I could not be more excited with the amazing color transformation that they were able to do for my hair. I came in with grays going strong and my color having lightened up so much from the sun. They were able to take it to a whole new level of gorgeous by bringing in rich, darker roots and undertones with hints of lighter browns and reds for warmth.

The salon has new services to choose from, including ‘The Glow Up’ that I opted to do with my stylist, Hallie. They range from a small change (like I needed to warm things up) to a full on color change. The stylist are fantastic at talking through what issues you have with your current look and where you want to take your style then making it a reality. They are so sweet and amazing to work with too!

For more info or to book with them, check out their Instagram here or their website here.

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