The Summer To Fall Transition

July 30, 2019

For those of us that enjoy four seasons of weather per year, there is always that interim period when one season isn’t fully giving way to the new one just yet. The toughest for most is that change from summer into fall. It inevitably is too hot for a sweater but not quite warm enough for those cute summer dresses. This outfit is one of my current favorites to solve the season-change issue along with how to do that in a relaxed office setting. I have the luxury of working in an office that allows jeans daily, which is absolutely perfect for me because they are my favorite article of clothing to wear!

Today’s OOTD is a great go-to, but here’s why. I happened on this sweater tee at Target a few days ago and could not have been more thrilled! The fabric is soft and light like your most breathable tee, but a knit to give you all the pre-fall feels. I immediately grabbed it because I have two other sweater tees in my wardrobe (in black and in gray) that fit the bill but are just a little thicker in weight. Fabrics are extremely important for each time of year. It wouldn’t really make as much sense for me to wear this same sweater in December without layering it because I’d be too chilly throughout the day. But that is the great part about pieces like this one! You wear it now and have a great piece to wear for the next few months! (Plus, this fabric will stand up to washing if done right.)

Now for these mules. I was very hesitant to jump on this bandwagon. I kept trying different pairs and just feeling like it was a shoe missing a part. Once I found a basic pair that allowed me to jump in with both feet (get it?), I’ve fallen in love with the comfort and with the look. For those of you who love your flip-flops during the summer (which, fun fact, I cannot stand – just personal weirdness on my part with that), these are a great way to have a similar feeling but with an elevated look. They pair great with denim or with joggers to make it look like you tried that day even if you rolled on out of bed that morning.

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