May the 4th Be With You!

May 4, 2020

Happy Star Wars Day! Get it? May the 4th be with you? For those of you who are not quite so nerdy that you know that’s a play on the Star Wars line ‘May the force be with you’, May 4th is known as Star Wars Day. So here in the Binns house we are celebrating our little Jedi!


You all love seeing my pugs on my Instagram and are always asking to see more. Bella tends to be in the limelight because she follows me around like my shadow. Her brother, Jedi, is my fawn-colored baby boy. He and Bellatrix are littermates and will be 4 years old this summer. He is loud as hell barking at anyone and anything that passes by the windows of our apartment, is a sweet snuggle bug with a kind heart, and gives the most gentle handshakes. Just to make sure we get it out there: Jedi got his name because of Drew. When we were driving home with them we hadn’t named him yet. I had been trying to come up with another Harry Potter name after my sister won the day by suggesting Bella’s full name of Bellatrix, but I wasn’t having any luck coming up with something we both loved for him. I swear Drew waited until I was blissfully happy with them snuggled up on my lap before he said ‘he really looks like a Jedi’. I said OK and couldn’t take it back so here he is: Jedi, my Jedward, my Jeddyboy, my Jedders.


So if you aren’t a Star Wars fan, celebrate May the 4th by enjoying pics and videos of Jedi all day on my Instagram!

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