The First Monday In May…In Quarantine

May 4, 2020


Every year, the fashion-devoted count down the days until the first Monday in May: the annual Met Gala. The gala is a fundraising event for The Metropolitan Museum of Art and sees a red carpet turnout like no other. The theme of each year’s museum exhibit is translated by celebrities and fashion icons on the red carpet for the world to wonder over. The display is an immense stage for the most talented designers in the world to showcase their incredible and through-provoking designs.

This year things look very different. The internet has seen people recreating famous red carpet looks from items around the house and event’s coordinators are doing what they can to promote the museum and it’s causes in a virtual manner until the event itself can take place. While we stay at home, we can enjoy the documentary that centers around the exhibit and the gala from 2015. The First Monday In May walks us through the process of setting up the museum’s exhibit and the creation of the gala event itself in conjunction with interviews from the major players, including Anna Wintour and Andrew Bolton. Whether you are wearing a ball gown or your PJs, you can enjoy the glamour and style of The Met Gala this evening by watching here!

PS: You can also find Vogue’s comprehensive coverage of prior red carpets and their virtual celebration of today’s delayed event by heading to the Vogue homepage.

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