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March 7, 2021

With just a few weeks to go until we move into our new house, I am prepping not only with packing, but with shopping. There are a few things that I’m picking up that are for getting into the house and getting set up, and some that are just decor items I’ve been eyeing and holding off on actually buying. Until now! It’s time!

Clear Tissue Box

I am nit-picky about color and designs around my house that don’t match. So while I like having tissue boxes around in case someone needs a tissue, I’m not a fan of the boxes and their random patterns. Enter the clear tissue box! This way I have the tissues but not the randomness.

Gaiam Yoga Mat

We have an unfinished area in our basement that we will be converting into a gym, so I have my eye on some things for that. In the meantime, I picked up a new yoga mat so that I can take my workout anywhere in the house.

Kate Spade Recipe Box

In our current apartment, I have a drawer stuffed with paper recipes. I just ordered this sweet box to organize all of them on the cute recipes cards and keep them contained.

Glass Food Storage

I am a big proponent of reducing the plastic in our lives. We have a bunch of random plastic food containers that we end up using a lot. So as we break or lose some of that, I am replacing it with these glass options. This Amazon option is by far the best price for what you get. Even places like Target aren’t selling sets with this many pieces for the price!

Cards Against The Office

We LOVE playing Cards Against Humanity and The Office, so why not combine the two? This is by far the best way to play the game, especially if you are an Office fan. I am so excited for COVID to be a thing of the past so that we can entertain friends and family in our new home with game nights playing this!

Glass Pantry Jars

I fully intend to have one of those cute Insta-worthy pantries and these glass jars are prime to have labels added to match my spice rack.

Drawer Organizers

I grabbed these for my bathroom a few months ago and am going back for more. They have made things so much easier, especially in our main master bathroom drawer that both of us use every day. Just having something that stops the drawer from becoming a catch-all pile of junk makes everything feel more put-together.

I’ll be sharing more organization and decor room-by-room as we are moving and buying! Stay tuned!


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