Our Home Build Update In The New Year

February 1, 2021

If you’ve been following along with our home build process, you are likely to have noticed that our original timeline would have put us comfortably in our new home by now. However, with COVID and the many ways it impacts every area of our lives, we are now well past our initial timelines. As of now, we are pushed towards the end of March if not into April.

On the one hand that is extremely sad for Drew and I as we have been home 99% of the time in 2020 in our apartment. However, we remember that our builder is at the mercy of other companies for part and supporting their employees through the pandemic as safely as possible. Those are out of anyone’s control and we know that the wait will be worth it.

I am a ‘look for the positives’-person so that’s what I’m doing now! We have been making great progress in the last month or two. After a delay with our heating system arriving for installation, we finally have the heat installed and running! The drywall has gone in which has really made it look like a real house inside since you can no longer see through the stud walls into every room. Two weeks ago saw the front of the house get the remaining siding and the driveway! You’ll notice in this picture that the little front window at the top still has white lines, but it will be swapped out to match the larger front window that has black lines in it.

This week, we got cabinets! They’ll be getting installed if they haven’t already (we popped by a few days ago, so they may be all set by now). Seeing this kind of progress gives us the light at the end of the tunnel that we need during these very cold months when there is not a lot else to do but sit inside and binge Netflix….or in my case, online window shop for the decor and furniture I’m hunting down for the house.

I’ll be keeping you all posted and sharing moving tricks with you in the coming months, so stayed tuned for more!


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