June Bestsellers

July 1, 2022

Throughout the month, I share lots of my favorite finds with you and these are the top 5 you all are loving!

Abercrombie Leggings – Because they’re Soft AF!

These are the leggings I have been living in along with their biker version! They are from Abercrombie (of all places) and are made of the softest fabric that fit like a glove and don’t pill or wear out! Plus, you can put them through both the washer AND the dryer unlike Lululemon leggings that won’t survive the dryer and pill like crazy.

Chanel-Inspired Tote Bag from Amazon

Give me a Chanel-inspired bag on a budget any day! This one is a logo-less version of the Chanel tote.

Harvard Sweatshirt

What, like it’s hard? Super soft and cozy! I can’t wait to wear this throughout the fall.

Counterfeit by Kirstin Chen

Dive into this thriller from the poolside with me! There are even Birkins involved in this mystery!

Stackable Storage from Target

I used this to organize under my sink and it has revolutionized our lives! It is so much easier to get to everything that we use regularly and store what we need less frequently. You can see what I mean on my Instagram Reel showing the transformation HERE.


Happy shopping!


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