What I Bought vs What I Got: Amazon Edition

July 8, 2022

Sometimes you find something you love online only to receive it and realize it isn’t quite what you expected. So I took 5 of my recent Amazon purchases (and let’s be honest…that’s the tip of my shopping iceberg) and am giving you my honest thoughts on if they were worth the purchase or not. 

Beckham’s Love You More Sweatshirt 

I grabbed this sweatshirt for Beckham to wear this fall when the weather cools down. Drew and I have a longstanding back-and-forth with this expression, so when I saw this infant/toddler sweatshirt with it, I had to give it a try. The quality is awesome, and now I’m just waiting for Beckham to be big enough to wear it!

Wood Link Decor

The top pic here is the decor piece in my home vs the picture featured for this product on Amazon. As you can see, the product picture on Amazon makes the item appear much larger than it actually is. However, while I was initially a little disappointed by that, I now like the size of the piece. I do think that where I have it doesn’t quite work because of that size (the scale is off), but it is a quality piece and would look great on top of a book stack or on a shelf. Only worth the purchase if you really want this size though!

Hello Weekend Tote Bag

I love this bag! This is one of the best Amazon purchases I’ve made recently. It is a large tote that is perfect for getting groceries, hitting the farmer’s market, or running errands. 

Candle Wick Trimmer

Here me out on something this random. I love having candles around the house, but it seemed like there was always crunchy dead pieces of the wick that would fall into the wax or be blown out onto the surrounding surface. That would leave black marks on my counters or tables, and we can’t have that. So after doing a little research, it turns out you should be trimming your wick before each use to get rid of exactly that! This trimmer was a great price and could be its own decor piece. Definitely recommend. 

Wireless Keyboard

I think the most important thing about this purchase (aside from it being great quality and working so well) is that I was able to set it up to work with my iPad without any assistance. For those of you that know me, you will understand that is a BIG deal as I am fairly challenged when it comes to electronics. This is exactly what I was after to use with my iPad or even my cell phone when my laptop isn’t an option. It is lightweight and easy to store, which makes it perfect for those on the go that still want to sit down with a full keyboard when they stop. 


Bought something from Amazon that you either loved or hated when it arrived? Comment below! 



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