Winter Style Inspo From HRH The Duchess Of Sussex

October 4, 2019
The Duchess of Sussex 2018

Ever our inspiration, the Duchess of Sussex is giving us all of the winter style vibes with her plaid coat that she wore last year. The best part is that you have access to one just like it! Avec Les Filles gives us a similar option via Nordstrom that is very affordable for a winter coat. Bear in mind, shopping for a winter coat needs a slightly larger budget than the average t-shirt or pair of jeans. A good coat should last you YEARS and the cost will often be associated with that longevity and quality you’ll be getting. If you don’t feel like you have a winter coat that does the job, consider this one! When I shop for a coat, I am looking for a quality fabric in a cut that will wear well with most any cold weather outfit and in a color that will survive a slushy winter. I lean to darker colors for that reason as they will not show the odd snow slush which will mean less trips to the cleaner. If you already have a few great basics, then definitely go for it if you have your eye on a statement coat! But if not, then a gray, black, camel, or plaid will be a great option for your winter wardrobe.

Over the summer, the N Sale st Nordstrom offered this amazing Avec Les Filles coat that they continue to have in stock for a limited time. Given my love for Meghan’s style (and having sold my husband on the fact that I hadn’t bought a really nice coat in a number of years), I snagged this one and am obsessed with it.

However, if you are wanting to get the look for EVEN LESS than the Nordstrom offering, then this Amazon coat is your answer:

This option is such a great alternative for WAY less than the Duchess paid for hers. Now you can easily recreate this iconic look on any budget with ease.

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