My 5 Favorite Beauty Finds Right Now

May 28, 2020

Life Without Louboutins Beauty Finds

With all this time at home, it is important to remember that whether you are putting on makeup to help you kickstart your day or rocking your messy bun and fresh face, you are gorgeous! My skin has felt so open and clean lately since I’m not putting on makeup every day for work right now and I have my favorite clean beauty products to thank for that. I’ve been leaning into trying new products to help me step up my beauty game and now I’m sharing the winners with you! These are products I’ve been using for the last few months that have become mainstays in my routine and they’re all available on Amazon Prime if you’re in need of a beauty fix! 

The Makeup Eraser

the pink eraser

This gets top billing because it absolutely blew my mind! This is essentially a pink cloth that takes off all of your makeup with only hot water. Seriously. ALL of your makeup! I was a major skeptic when I was given this by a friend, but with only a few days worth of my Neutragena makeup wipes left in the house, I gave it shot. After I followed the instructions of using it with only hot water, taking the cloth in circles to remove any of my makeup (including my black ink eye liner), I wanted to prove the marketing wrong and see makeup on my face still so I used a makeup wipe to see what was left over. NOTHING! My Neutragena wipe wasn’t even able to pick up any remaining makeup from my face after using the Makeup Eraser! I am 100% sold on this and haven’t bought makeup wipes in months! 

Makeup Brush Cleaning Tool

makeup brush cleaner

I found this little gem on a Youtube video where an influence talked about it but didn’t show it in use, so buying it could have really gone either way. I am SO glad it ended up being one of the best Amazon purchases I’ve made. My sister now has one and is in the same boat: obsessed. This tool basically spins your brush in the water and cleaner before coming out of the water and spinning itself dry. Cleaning brushes is so key to making sure your skin isn’t soaking in bacteria built up on the bristles. I used to clean mine once a week and just hope they dried by the time I wanted to use them again. This cleans and dries them in seconds! I’ll never go back to hand washing again. 

Facial Razors


You really can’t go wrong with this pack. These are so simple but make such a difference. The small, thin razors take off the peach fuzz from your face and clean up your eyebrows in a way your tweezer never could. They are game-changers! 

Silicone Face Mask Brush

Face Mask Brush.png

I feel like I’m always a mess with masks! Potted masks that you make at home or purchase tend to be the better bang for your buck in terms of skincare, but putting them on can be a bear. These brushes have silicone (like rubber) on the ends that make it super easy to get the mask on them and on your skin without making a major mess!

Ice Roller 

Ice Roller

My sister laughed at me when I told her I was trying one of these out, but I am loving it! I have been using my ice roller on my face after my nighttime cleansing routine to relax and help with circulation and puffiness. Jedi also enjoys the cool feel on his face at the end of a long day. 😉


Stay gorgeous! 

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