Stacks On Stacks: My 3 Go-To Fashion Jewelry Sites

October 16, 2020

Bracelets have become the piece of jewelry I gravitate to the most in recent months. Finding just the right pieces that are affordable without looking cheap or being made of cheap materials while still being chic can be tough. I have found a few brands that are now go-to’s when I want to up my arm candy game. Whether you’re after a style that imitates a designer piece or just want a fun new addition to your arm stack, these are worth the money. 

The Styled Collection

I found this brand on the app and have been very impressed with their products! I’ve ordered a few bracelets already and have another order in the works for some of their other pieces. The quality is great and the styles are simple and classic with a designer feel. They have bracelets that are similar to the much pricier David Yurman bangles (his go for in the hundreds whereas these are a fraction of that). Their shipping process is usually pretty quick. My orders have come within about a week of the purchase on the site, which is great for any company. 


Random, right? Etsy has really been impressing me lately! The one downside is that the shipping takes longer than a lot of other sites as the goods are coming from much smaller vendors in most cases. The fact that you are shopping from small businesses is fantastic though! I love being able to support smaller companies whenever possible to offset all the big box shopping I do.

I’ve been obsessed with the Dior – inspired woven friendship bracelets that I found on Etsy recently. They are adjustable and so comfortable and again are a fraction of the price I’d spend if I went to Dior for accessories. 


AKA ‘Old Faithful’. When I’m after a deal, Amazon is the place to find it for sure. I never realized just how many watch options they had! Adding in a watch to your arm stack is practical and adds another layer to your look. They have everything from leather bands to more classic styles and the brand names (like Michael Kors) can be snagged at a fantastic discount. 

The caveat is the same as when you shop anything from Amazon: read the reviews! I never purchase anything with less than 4 stars and even then I’m sifting through to see what the bad experiences were. When it comes to jewelry from Amazon, unless you are getting a designer name brand item, you will get what you pay for. Amazon is my go-to for ‘fashion jewelry’ i.e. the stuff that will come and go out of style quickly. Don’t get me wrong, I have pieces from Amazon that I wear almost daily and have no issues with at all! But I also have pieces I’ve found that were purchased more because I wanted to try a trend without spending a ton. It’s a great reason to shop some of the less expensive options they give us.

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