The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Is Coming!

June 29, 2022

The 2022 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is almost upon us and the preview is live today! Everyone has access to preview the sale beginning today and the sale itself begins to open to different tiers of shoppers over the coming days. I have the dates you’ll need for the sale along with my favorite picks below!

Here’s the breakdown of the dates:

Confused on when you’d be able to shop? Well, the first question is whether or not you have a Nordstrom debit/credit card. If you don’t have one, you’ll be waiting until the very last date when everyone gets to shop.

If you do have a card, your access is determined by how much you spend on your Nordstrom card yearly. I have had both but currently have the credit card. While I can use it anywhere, I tend to stick to only using it for Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack purchases throughout the year and paying it off before my bill comes. I may have to rethink that so that I can get to a higher status though…

You can check your Nordstrom account to see which tier you fall into for the sale, and it will break down how much you’d need to spend to get to the higher tiers.

Each year, I jump onto the sale the first day of the preview and scour my favorite categories and brands to find the pieces I would love to own and add them to a wishlist. Then I can go back in and figure out which ones I can afford in my budget and which I will actually be buying.

So why bother with the Nordstrom Sale? What makes it such a big deal compared to other sales they or any other retailer have? It is all in WHAT they have on sale. Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale isn’t just items that haven’t sold and they aren’t throwing last season’s stuff in there either. The items on sale are brand new pieces for the upcoming seasons from all of Nordstrom’s many brands. They have the biggest discount you’ll see for these items all year and these are items that WILL sell out.

Here are my top picks from the preview that I have added to my wishlist for myself, Drew, and Beckham:







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