3 Life Hacks You Need Now

January 18, 2022

Being an adult is fairly annoying. But as you get older, luckily you learn ways to make your life and all the many many things you have going on it in easier. Today, I’m sharing my top three life hacks that save me time and money that more people should know about!

Post Office Run? Head To The Grocery Store

If you have ever stood in line at the post office, you’ll know how time-consuming and frustrating this can often be. Save yourself the time and energy and head to the grocery store! Most grocery stores have a customer service desk at the front of the store. You might blink and miss it, but they usually even have signs with the post office logo to let you know that they take care of your mail and packages. Heading to the customer service desk can save you the time in line at the post office as well as that extra trip to another location. We all need groceries, right? Two birds, one stone.

Free Boxes For Shipping

Yep. Free. Flat-Rate Shipping Boxes are stocked at your post office (or the customer service counter of your grocery store. They come in differing sizes and shapes (even large envelopes) so that you can ship most anything you’d regularly ship. Once you box it up, the fee for shipping is (as the name suggests) a flat rate. So that means that the weight doesn’t matter! It’s one cost based on the size of the box that you picked for your item. This takes a lot of the guess-work out of shipping, especially for the holidays.

Free Shipping On Amazon (Even If You Aren’t A Prime Member)


With as much shopping as I do on Amazon, it always surprises people to find out that I’m not a Prime Member. Why? It doesn’t actually save me any money to join. Almost anything you buy on Amazon gets free shipping after your total goes over twenty-five dollars. Now, you might be thinking about the shipping time after that financial hurdle is jumped. The shipping timeline usually extends by 1-2 days at the very most when you use this trick. So to save money, I’ll take a day. There is rarely anything that I need and am ordering online that I absolutely must have arrive immediately anyway.

The picture above shows an order in my Amazon cart and the default shipping method that was selected for me in my checkout process. However, you’ll notice that there is a FREE option within that list. I just flipped to the FREE option for shipping:

While this doesn’t work with some of the products from smaller Amazon vendors, this little trick can definitely save you money!

Do you have any life hacks of your own to share? Pop a comment in the comment box to share yours!


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