Easy Office Essentials That Make A Big Difference

January 14, 2022

I’m a super nerd for a good organizing system and my office is no exception. I love having a cute work space that is aesthetically pleasing and inspires me to do more! I’ve been working from home now since mid-March 2020 and am taking stock of my current office accessories to get myself in the right frame of mind to keep creating and pushing myself.

Today, I’m sharing my latest office finds with you. Refresh your space. Give it a little face lift! It may just give you that inspiration you need to be the boss b$tch you are!

You Got This Daily To-Do List

I love this to-do list! I use this nearly every morning to get myself organized for the day ahead. I like that there are areas for gratitude items, tracking water intake, and a reminder to do some self-care, too. It’s more than just a to-do list; it’s a reminder to make the day more than just a checklist.

Kate Spade Lined Notebook

I can’t recommend Kate Spade stationary and notebooks enough. The notebook paper is just something different than any other brand. It feels different when you write on it. There are some things that I need to write down that aren’t part of a to-do list for a day or a week; goals, notes, plans, etc. They all live in my Kate Spade notebook. This year, there is a fun polka dot pattern available!

Matching Pens

In case you like to match your pens to your notebook, Kate Spade also makes a great pen. The color and pattern options are just so fun that your desktop is guaranteed to be inspiring.

Desk Organizer Lazy Susan

I love this! Mine is stocked with pens, markers, colored pencils, scissors, and more so that they are available to me whenever I need. Plus, they look great when they’re all organized!

Drawer Organizer Set

This set is perfect because it comes with various sizes of drawer organizing containers. Some things just need a different size than what the stock organizers have or you may want to more them around based on the size of your drawers. I use these in my office, but also in my kitchen and bathrooms.

Do you have other office favorites that didn’t make this list? Share some of your faves in the comments! Happy organizing!


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