The Easy Way To Keep Your Clothes Looking New

November 11, 2018
There are often times when I receive a compliment on an outfit or am asked where got a piece that I’m wearing and am met with shock as I tell that person that I’ve had it for years. Sometimes as long as 10 years or more! What shocks people is that not only do I have an article of clothing that I’m still able to wear relevantly from that long ago, but also that it lasted and is still in great condition. The key is to treat your clothes with kindness. That may sound odd, but it is as simple as reading the label! The label on your clothing is more than just a suggestion. It is a guide for how to make that piece stand up to the test of time.
One of the most frustrating things I’ve done was purchasing an Express top in the most comfy fabric and ignoring the label that said ‘lay flat to dry’. I did it the first time by not realizing that top was in my batch of laundry and the second time by deciding that the first instance didn’t hurt it so why would a second? Well, now I have a top that is pilling all over in a fabric that no longer has that softness I fell in love with.
The moral of this cautionary tale: READ AND FOLLOW THE LABEL. The writing and symbols on every article of clothing is a guide to how to make that piece last while looking and feeling as new as the day you bought it. In an effort to help you decode the symbols on your care tags (because they often look like hieroglyphics), here is your easy-to-use cheat sheet:
Laundry Symbol Guide
In addition to washing and drying your items appropriately, steaming (not ironing) is a quick and effective option that works on most everyday fabrics including everything from cotton to silk. Amazon has amazing options in a range of prices. One of my favorites is can be found HERE and comes with a lint roller and hanger perfect for traveling with your favorite looks.
Invest a few more seconds into caring for your clothes and you’ll see years of return on that investment!

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