Fall Reading List 2023

August 11, 2023

My reading challenge for 2023 has been slow going. Most years, I’m able to get through books easily. However, most years I haven’t had a toddler. Now that we have all settled into more of a rhythm and Beckham has solid nap times, I am starting to spend more time dedicated to doing things I love like reading. After finishing a biography recently (they always take me forever to make my way through!), I put together a reading list to carry me into the cooler months of fall when we really start to get cozy reading under a gorgeous blanket. Here’s what is currently on my must-read list:

The Pursuit of Love – Nancy Mitford

The Mitford sisters were well-known in their time with Nancy being one of the most famous for her writing. Her most popular novel is The Pursuit of Love, a comedy about growing up and falling in love. So why not give an old favorite a try?

The American Adventuress – C.W. Gortner

Gortner is a newer favorite of mine. His writing style is easy and entertaining and the subjects he picks tend to be famous women from history or puts the fictional character in the midst of a historically well-known situation. This historical fictional follows Jennie (who later becomes the mother of Winston Churchill) as she first moves to England and how she becomes Lady Spencer-Churchill.

Betsey. – Betsey Johnson

I mean….if you love fashion, you know of Betsey Johnson. I’m so excited to have received a copy of this memoir to dive into this eccentric woman and her career.

The Mitford Affair – Marie Benedict

It felt only fitting that if I were going to read a Nancy Mitford novel then I should also pick up the recent historical fiction novel about her and her sisters. I’m interestined to learn more about the sisters and their lives as Marie Benedict is so good at weaving fact into her fiction.

Paradise Now: The Extraordinary Life of Karl Lagerfeld – William Middleton

After this year’s Met Gala, I’ve had this book on my nightstand ready and waiting for me. I am finally picking it up to learn more about this incredible talent of a man and his amazing life lived.

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