The Only Thing You Need To Successfully Shop Online

February 25, 2019

If you are shopping online and don’t have this item, you are missing out. The secret ingredient to online shopping is simply a measuring tape!

Hear me out. I know this sounds either too easy or pointless. But have you ever bought a pair of boots only to find out they don’t fit around your calves? Or ordered a dress but realized it was way too long on you because the model was supermodel tall and made it look like the perfect length? I promise you this is the best couple-dollar investment you can make to be sure you are always buying what will actually work for you.

Take that example about buying boots. If you are searching for the perfect pair of riding boots to wear with your favorite jeans, the details of the item will always give you its measurements including the shaft height and circumference (as shown below).

The height shown will measure from sole to the top of the boot to give you an idea of where it will hit on your leg while the circumference will let you know how tight or loose that bootleg will sit on your calf. You can say goodbye to buying boots that are too baggy or too tight!

Any online retailer worth buying from will have these kinds of details listed for each item they sell. Once you find them for your size (reference a sizing chart as offered by retailers for sizing breakdowns with measurements in inches), grab your measuring tape and order what will actually fit YOU!

The few seconds it takes to do this simple step will save you the time and hassle (and shipping costs from some retailers) of making returns for items that are just not quite right for you. Ordering from a brand you aren’t familiar with doesn’t have to be such a huge risk since you can measure yourself into the right size from them!

Have a few items in your Amazon cart now? Add this adorable pink measuring tape!

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