2020 Goal Check-In

May 30, 2020


Remember those goals you set a few months ago for the New Year? How are you doing with them?? Maybe you set them more recently or maybe you are thinking ‘eh, I hate setting New Year’s resolutions!’. No matter where you are at within your goal-setting process, it is important to check in with yourself and figure out what your progress looks like. If you don’t set ‘New Year’s resolutions’, don’t worry! I don’t either! I prefer to set goals for myself. They change and grow as my life does. While they are often centered around the calendar year, there is room to adapt and re-evaluate without feeling like I failed in maintaining a ‘resolution’.

I set 7 goals for myself for the 2020 calendar year. I did a little check-in back in February to see how if I was moving forward on any of them naturally, if they still made sense, and what I needed to do to get them in play if they weren’t already.

Here’s where I’m at with each now:

  1. Financial Goal: Drew and I are building our new home together this year so having our finances in order is hugely important. We set an amount as a goal to have in our savings account after our down payment and the costs of putting in a fence, getting the appliances we need, and a few other things around the house. I am happy with the progress we are making in this goal! Staying home has meant we are spending less going out which has been good for our savings! We still have a little way to go with this, but there are months ahead of us before the house will be ready and I feel like that will give us the time we need to (hopefully) get to where we want to be.
  2. Social Goal: Put a day/night out with friends on the books at least once a month. My social anxiety puts me in a weird place when it comes to going out and doing things. My very considerate husband suggested that we try something new this year to help me feel more confident and comfortable with going out socially: simply planning it ahead of time. Sounds easy enough right? It has been! The simple act of having it on the calendar and in my mind to plan gives me some peace of mind that I wasn’t getting before. Helps that I have his help for this one! So far we are 5/5 with this goal this year! With stay-at-home, we’ve transitioned to some virtual time with friends and it has connected us with people in our lives that we may not have otherwise.
  3. Yoga Goal: Practice at least 3 times per week. So far so good! This has become such a part of my day and week that it comes naturally to me now. I enjoy this movement so much that it doesn’t feel like a task because I actually crave it and look forward to it. I am looking for a new yoga challenge to add into this, as well!
  4. Health Goal: Sweets-free January. Second year in a row doing this! I can check this one off the list entirely. I’m thankful that I did this because it helped to show me that the amount of sugar I was taking in with sweets was having an affect on my migraines, so I have made some changes to my habits as a result.
  5. Reading Goal: Read 8 books. 6 down, 2 to go! At this rate, I will more than exceed this goal and know to set one that is a little higher next year.
  6. Travel Goal: Take a vacation just the two of us. Sadly, our anniversary trip was delayed due to the virus, but we will make something fun happen very soon! We spent our anniversary celebrating safely at home and enjoyed simply being together.
  7. Bucket List Goal: Kayak. Random, I know. But I have never kayaked! I loved canoeing growing up when I went to camp, but never had the chance to try a kayak. Hopefully I get to knock this out this summer once things have settled down and we can get out and about more!

If you didn’t set 2020 goals back in January, don’t worry about it! You can set a goal or a few of them for yourself any time you feel like it! Start today and put yourself on a track to your own happiness!


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