How I Set My Day Up For Success

June 12, 2020


I love waking up to a new day! There are hours ahead to knock out the things on your to-do list, enjoy time with loved ones, and anything in between. For me, the first few hours of the day are when I get the most done and set myself up to be able to relax and enjoy the day. Working a full-time job means that I don’t start every single day exactly the same; some days mean I’m getting into the office and have any number of curveballs being thrown at me from the minute I get in and others I’m working from home or have the day away from work. Regardless of all that, my mornings follow a similar pattern to get my day kicked off right.

I love the mornings when I can wake up without an alarm! That usually means it is the weekend, but even on weekdays when my body naturally wakes up without that alarm feels different. No matter what, I’m up and out of bed, showered and hair dried, and have the pugs walked and fed by 8am. If I’m heading into the office, I get there just before 8am to try for a little quiet time before everyone else rolls in.

The keys to my morning are:


A Chai latte – Starbucks or made at home using Tazo brand Chai latte mix with almond milk. I love the taste of it and that it gives the perfect little kick of caffeine. Plus, a warm drink in hand always feels right as I warm up my brain for the day. I sip on mine while working on organizing my day.

To do that, I have the following two key pieces:

My daily planner – I have a customized planner from Plum Paper that breaks down each day by hour. I LOVE it! I’ve ordered one for the last 2 years and will be placing another order with them for the 2021 calendar year. They have a million options for making your planner what you actually need and will use. They even have options geared towards your profession, such as for teachers! I look through mine for the day and the week ahead to plan out how to I need to spend my time to make sure everything I need to do gets done. Being a visual person, it helps me to see it in front of me on paper and add in things like yoga or other things that I want to do so that it isn’t just a list of meetings. (Note: I don’t get anything for promoting them! I just love the brand and their products so much!)

My Kate Spade notebook – You can probably guess that I’m a major list maker based on the level of planner obsession I just ran you through. I write down everything! I feel like I have so much that comes at me in a day that if I don’t write things down I will not remember every single little thing. So my notebook is where I scribble things down; ideas, to-do lists, random notes, etc. I love using Kate Spade notebooks because they are the perfect size to cart around with me, the paper is a fantastic quality, and it comes with bookmarks built in that make it easy to find where I last noted something. I start each morning by writing down the things that I want to accomplish with the day.


If you are looking to make some changes to your life, start by making some changes to how you start each day! Find the things that bring you joy and put you into the best place to achieve what you want to every day. This is how I do that and I would love to hear how you do! What works for you? What tools do you use to stay organized and tackle the day? Let me know in the comments or over on Instagram in the picture for this post!

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