Old Hollywood Weekend Watch List

March 18, 2021

I love old movies! Sometimes I just wrap myself up in a warm blanket for the weekend and binge out on a few. Being at home as much as we are these days (and have been for over a year), I will take any excuse to theme our movie nights so that they are just that much more fun. I figured it was high time to jump back into some of my favorite old Hollywood classics. Luckily I have many of them on DVD, but if you don’t and want to catch up on some of these glamorous old favorites of mine this weekend I’ve linked them to rent on Amazon (or watch free with Prime!).  

How To Marry A Millionaire

No old Hollywood watch party is complete without a little Marilyn, and this is my absolute favorite of her movies. She and two other gal pals rent a penthouse in New York to poach some eligible millionaire bachelors to marry. It’s the 1950’s equivalent of Sex and the City and the fashion is gorgeous. 

High Society

Bing Crosby. Grace Kelly. Frank Sinatra. I mean….is there a trio more iconic?? Grace Kelly’s character is about to marry the good guy when her ex-husband comes back into the picture with all the charm and ready to win her back. Of course Bing and Frank join forces for a fantastic musical interlude. 

To Catch A Thief

I’m on a Grace kick in this mix, but girl is gorgeous and sassy in this film with cat burglar (no, seriously) Cary Grant. If you haven’t dipped your toes into the Cary Grant waters before, he’s the old Hollywood equivalent of George Clooney today. So smooth. 

An American In Paris

The ’40’s-50’s brought some of the best musicals. Before you immediately say no to a musical, these aren’t like the ones we get today. The talent is absolutely incredible and Gene Kelly (of Singing in the Rain) is a legend.  

Funny Girl

And then there’s Barbara. Icon. This is her most well-known role as Fanny Brice and she absolutely shines in every scene. Not to mention her vocals are out of this world. 



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