Summer Shoe Haul!

June 22, 2021

With a name like ‘Life Without Louboutins’, it is probably pretty clear that I’m a big fan of shoes. I have far too many pairs and that does not stop me from buying more each season.

This summer, I’ve been trying out some new styles. Normally, in the summer, I stay away from flip flops (I think they are tacky and the sound is annoying) and anything too uncomfortable since I’m outside moving around more. The haul I grabbed in the last few weeks has been absolutely awesome and even include a pair of flip flops (technically)!

Target’s Striped Slide Sandals

When I saw these, I couldn’t pass them up. Even though they are technically flip flops (making them a no-no in my closet), they are such a chic pair that I don’t even think of them in that way. They come in a few other colors, but the black and white stripes did it for me. Clearly from this haul, I’m on that black/white/tan train at the moment. These have been some of the most comfortable sandals I have bought in recent years.

Target Espadrilles (Chanel-Inspired!)

I recently decided that I absolutely love the Chanel espadrilles that so many French women wear so well. But I’m bougie on a budget over here, so this Target version is my answer to that! So far, I have only worn them a short time, but they were comfortable thus far. I’m hoping to get them out into the world for a longer stretch of time soon to really test out if the heel rubs or is actually comfy. There is a padding there to help stop rubbing.

Target Studded Gladiator Sandals (Steve Maddens Dupes!)

As mentioned before, I’m bougie on a budget. Hundreds of dollars on Chanel shoes doesn’t happen over here and really neither do the Steve Madden sandals that are pricier (for sandals). So, again, Target! I went ahead and grabbed these in the black (shown here) and in tan. So far so good! They’re comfortable and look fantastic!

Nordstrom Wedges

I snagged these during the Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale after a decent amount of debating. I am SO glad I did, though! They are super cute and the quality is on pointe. They are the perfect height wedges so they make your legs look long and gorgeous. Wedges are my answer to heels in the summer; they’re a little more casual and easy but give you that same tszuj.


Pro tip: June 22-23rd Target has 20% off sandals!


Romper: Abercrombie – Shop here!

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