What I’m Reading…This Year

February 28, 2020

This year, I set a reading goal for myself of 8 book. Not too crazy, right? Especially since I read 40 in 2018! I’ve lowered my reading goal for this 2020 since over the past year I have found myself dedicating less time to reading and more time to other pursuits in life. Even though I’m reading less often, I still love it! Plus, the books I’m reading this year are freaking gorgeous!

Jane Austen Hardcover Penguin Classics Collection

Drew gave me this beautiful set of Jane Austen novels for Christmas. These 8 volumes are my 2020 reading goal! I’m going to read my way through Austen’s classics. While some of her works are more familiar (like my all-time favorite story ‘Pride and Prejudice), I love taking this time to explore the rest of her work including my February read ‘Persuasion’ for the first time. It is fascinating to see the characters experiencing similar heartbreaks or financial struggles then as many of us do today. Reading in general has always been a source of comfort in that way; knowing you are not alone in the struggles, trials, or life moments you have gone through. Austen’s novels are a beautiful read worthy of the fun, gorgeous covers on this set.

What are you reading now?? Share your current or recent favorite read with me in the comments or over on Instagram!


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