A New Chapter Is On This Horizon

February 23, 2020

I’m so excited by this news that it is almost too hard to find words! This weekend, Drew and I picked our lot and floor plan for our brand new home!! We are building a house!!!


It is so crazy to me to think that this random dirt lot will be our beautiful home by the end of the year, but I cannot wait to see the whole process unfold. Luckily for me, Drew and I share enough similarities in our style that designing both the interior and exterior are basically done (the plans being in my brain and on my Pinterest until we meet with our designer to finalize). Our next step is to meet with our designer to pick all of our fixtures, flooring, paint, lights, and all of the rest of the goodies!

The pugs just gave me an odd look when I told them about this news. They don’t seem to grasp the whole ‘you’re going to have a back yard to run around in’ and what that means for all of us. We love apartment living for the fact that you don’t have to do any maintenance, but it’s not quite so fun digging your car out of the snow or having to leash your two obstinate pugs for potty breaks in the rain/snow 4 times per day. So there are a million reasons to be excited for this!!

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