What I’m Binging This Weekend

June 26, 2020

As many of us see extended stay-at-home orders, it can be tough continue to find things to do or watch. While I’m spending as much time enjoying the sun on nicer days by walking with the pugs and doing yoga, I still want to disconnect my brain from it all and veg out in front of the TV sometimes (especially on a rainy day). When I do, I have a few shows that I’ve recently finished that I recommend if you haven’t watched them yet. If you have, head over to Instagram or comment below and let me know what you thought! Everything below is currently streaming on Netflix or Hulu.

The Historical Stuff

The Great (Hulu)

This is a new addition to Hulu having only come out in the last few months. It stars Elle Fanning as Catherine the Great as she married the Russian Tsar and plans a coup to overthrow him. Don’t let me lose you here! It is the rated-R, hilarious version of historical shows and is packed with dirty jokes. Drew and I are watching it together since we both have a strong interest in history but an even bigger appreciation of a good laugh. We are about halfway through the season now and definitely recommend.

The Crown (Netflix)

I started watching the first season when I was traveling and immediately fell in love. At that time I was traveling every few weeks for work, so I saved my binge-watching for flights and nights in the hotel after the day was done. I was so excited for season 3 to be released but only watched the first two episodes before getting swept into other things. Now that I’m home, I figured it is high time I dive back in and now I’m wondering why it took me so long to! I just finished the last episode of Season 3 and can’t wait for more.

The series is beautifully done and follows the British royal family over the span of a number of decades. It is great historical fiction with a true tether to history. Plus, I’d watch basically anything involving Helena Bonham Carter.

The Comedies

Schitt’s Creek (Netflix – Except the final season!)

I’m watching now for a second time! I fell in love so hard with this series and admit that I should have listened to Drew and my sister, Slaney, sooner about watching this. You can see that my obsession moved into my shopping habits from my recent Schitt’s Creek Etsy Haul post here. I LOVE the characters, the zingers of one-liners that are sprinkled throughout, and the lewks we are delivered by Moira, David, and Alexis every episode.

PS: Netflix is slated to release the final season this fall, but we have Fubo as our ‘cable provider’ (it’s an app that basically replaced our cable and casts to our TVs) and they have the full library of episodes.

Parks & Rec (Netflix)

Just a classic. Netflix only has it for a short time more before it heads to the new NBC streaming service, Peacock. Drew has called me ‘Lacey Knope’ (after the main character Leslie Knope) for years because of some personality quirks I share with the character; even before I’d started watching the show myself. If you chose not to watch or ‘couldn’t get into it after the first episode’, trust me: you need to go back and get through that first season. Once the characters come into their own (really hitting their strides in the second season), you will surely be laughing out loud. The entire cast just got together for a reunion episode to raise money for Feed America during Covid-19.

The Feel Good

Queer Eye Season 5 (Netflix)

I LOVE Queer Eye! You just feel great after watching it because it shows you that there is good and good people in the world. Plus, you can’t help but laugh at the Fab Five since they have the best sense of humor. If you’ve never watched an episode, you’re in for a treat! Watch from the beginning and don’t skip over their takeover of Japan!


If you have Prime, you can take advantage of their massive TV and movie library and find some of your favorites from back in the day or find a new fave! Comment below or on Insta with your picks to binge!


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