About This Weekend: Garage Edition

July 29, 2022

You know you’re an adult when cleaning and re-organizing the garage is a highlight of your weekend, but that was definitely the case for us recently. After being in our home for just over a year, it is incredible to me just how much stuff piles up in different areas. We realized that our garage was just not functional. We had too much stuff just laying around the perimeter. So I found two storage solutions to solve our problem and create more space for us to breathe. Oh, and walk!

Before anything else, we pulled everything out and took a big broom to the entire space. Then, we used bug spray around the perimeter. We spray our entire home once per year before the end of the summer to prevent bugs from coming in the house as the temperatures drop. If you don’t have a great bug spray in your life but are after one, I have been using Home Defense for years and absolutely love it! Bugs are dead before I even know they’ve been in the house, treating once lasts for at least a year if not longer, and it is safe for pets and kiddos once it is dry (which only takes a few minutes).

Hose Storage 

I never realized how much space these dumb things take up! We grabbed a two pack of these and had them hung on the smaller wall at the front of our garage within minutes and it made a huge difference for the space next to my car.

Catch-All Wall Hanging

Brooms, tennis rackets, tools, etc all storage off the ground now! No more tripping over them or having to lose the space to propping them against a wall.

Before our reorg project:



Check out the video transformation on Instagram HERE!


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