Make Your Thanksgiving Cute! (It Really Can Be, I Promise)

November 6, 2020

Of all the holidays, I feel like Thanksgiving gets the short end of the stick with the cuteness. There are lots of cute things for kiddos, but what about for the grown up kids (eh hem, aka adults)? Christmas and Halloween have graphic tees and decor everywhere you look, but we almost forget to put Thanksgiving in the mix. Because of that, Thanksgiving is definitely not on that level…or hasn’t been in the past. This year, I went on a hunt through Etsy to find us the cutest decor and clothes for our traditionally more bland November holiday.

Gobble Til You Wobble Sweatshirt

I love this expression! That huge meal on Thanksgiving that we all end up having usually does result in a little bit of a wobble!

The Friends-giving

If you are a fan of Friends, these tees are just for you. There are 6 available each with a different reference to a classic moment on the show for the holiday.

Gobble Gobble

Turkey is the theme of the day, so why not?

I’m Here For The Thanksgiving Shirts

These are the best graphic tees I’ve found for Thanksgiving! They come in a few different expressions and colors. Wouldn’t they be so cute under a long cardigan with boots and jeans?

For My Disney Fans

I had a particular friend of mine in mind when adding this adorable Disney-themed tee to this list. It comes in basically every color combo you can come up with, but I love this one for this fall holiday.

Thanksgiving Ingredients Tee

This. Is. AMAZING. This Etsy vendor has a few of these shirts in different colors and food breakdowns each with a sassy explanation.

Fall/Thanksgiving Garland 

These would be perfect for the front of a bar cart, fireplace, kitchen hood, console table, and anywhere else in your house!

Leftovers Are For Quitters

Wood signs are always scattered around my house throughout the year, but especially around the holidays. I found one for Christmas last year that references Christmas Vacation saying ‘You serious, Clark??’. I’m here for them in general and definitely here for this one for Thanksgiving. This vendor has fantastic options for this and every holiday.

Farmhouse-Style Gather Sign

This is just gorgeous. Period.

Happy Holidays!


Pssst! For even more Etsy Holiday fun, check out their holiday guide here.


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