May Reading Pick In Review

May 11, 2020


As some of you may already know from following along on prior posts, Sophie Kinsella is one of my all-time favorite authors. The Shopaholic Series author also has stand-alone novels that all feature quirky, fun women going through real life situations that we can all relate to. Her stories also read like a rom-com in book form; you’ll go from laughing out loud to crying along with the character’s heartbreak.

‘My (Not So) Perfect Life’ is no exception. It is also a reminder that heartbreak and hardships don’t just come from romantic relationships, but professional ones as well. Katie is our leading lady working a job that she is trying to convince herself is her dream job when in reality it’s a crap job in the industry she wishes she was thriving in. When Katie loses her job, she has to figure out how to navigate the world in a new way that doesn’t follow the ‘normal’ path. While getting her life and career figured out, she also manages to uncover the secret of all secrets about her former boss and coworkers that throws everyone into a tailspin. You can join in on this story with me this month in print or Kindle here! See if Katie can figure out all of the many many things going on in her life and the lives of those around her!

my not so perfect life.png

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