Spring Refresh: Decor

March 17, 2023

If, like me, it took you until well into the first week of March to take down all of your winter decor…I see you, I respect you. Now is the time for us to get that winter decor stored away and break out fresh greens to liven up the spaces we live in. As always, you can click the pics in this post to shop them.

Front Porch Reset

My front porch is the first place I like to decorate for any holiday or season. For spring/summer, I keep it simple with clean lines and green accents. A wreath with a pop of color or that bright green welcomes in a fresh season.

New Furniture

Sometimes a new piece of furniture can really make a room feel completely transformed. This season, we added a bookshelf to our living room and it just feels more complete. If you don’t have the budget for a whole new piece, consider looking at what you have and using it in different ways. Could you pull everything off that tv stand, grab some baskets and hide away all those electronics and chords? Could you move something from one room to another to create a more useful space in both rooms? “New” doesn’t have to mean new to you either! Secondhand and vintage finds can breathe new life into your home while creating a lived-in feel.

P.S. If you are wondering why there is nothing on the lower shelves on either furniture piece pictured, it’s because Beckham has started taking his first steps! He also cruises around the house in his little cart. So he now has access to anything within reach of someone that is about two and a half feet tall. It’s a wild time over here!


Whether you prefer real or faux, flowers and greens sprinkled into different spaces around your home can add feeling of freshness to every space.


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