Let The (Outdoor) Games Begin

July 23, 2021

Our backyard is one of the best parts about this new home. We got our patio set up going and broke out the games to really round out the entertainment outside. We even had these games when we lived at our apartment and would set them up in a grassy courtyard area for Sunday Fundays. Now we have our own space to play!

If you are looking for a fun way to spend some time with friends and family or host your very own backyard Olympics, here are a few of our favorites that always score with our guests:


Here me out on this! 1. Joanna Gaines came out with the cutest badminton set through Target a few years ago, so how could you not be on board after that? 2. If that isn’t enough, these are so easy to set up and end up being a competitive and fun way to spend an afternoon. (As you can see in the pic here, even a sweet little pug dog likes it). While her set is no longer for sale, I found one that does the job for even less!


Which do you call it?? I grew up in Indiana calling it ‘cornhole’, but in Kansas most people call it ‘bags’. Either way, this is sure to be a hit. There are tons of cute options for bags sets out there. I found this gray wood Kansas City Chiefs version for Drew for Christmas last year so that he had something both for in our yard or tailgating at games.

Spiderball or Spikeball

Drew and our friends are fairly obsessed with this. When it is broken out, it sees hours of use before anyone gets tired of it. And usually that’s because they are physically too tired from the game, not that they actually want to stop playing. The whole game is centered around a little circular net/trampoline and you are hitting a ball (with your hand) onto that towards other players hoping they can’t hit it back to keep the ball in play. Teams that are able to keep the ball in play against their opponents who can’t, win!


Do you have any backyard games that you and your family love?


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