Size Does Not Matter

August 3, 2018

One of the hardest pills to swallow in my teens and early 20’s was my size. There were too many times that I tried something on and if I needed to go a size up from what I felt I should be, I just didn’t bother with it. Like anyone, I have moments or phases of insecurity with my body. Overcoming the fear of that size on a label when you are shopping is one of the toughest things to do. Many of us would love to be a size 2 who can wear “anything she wants”, but that is not reality. It is so important in cultivating your style and wardrobe to get past the size of an item and look to more important things like how it makes you feel. Is the cut right for your body? Are you comfortable in what you’re wearing? Does it speak to the style you’re after? If those questions are being met with a ‘yes’, then nothing else matters! No one sees that tag but you and there is always the option to cut the tag out so that you don’t even have to see it!

Moving from brand to brand, you are likely going to be a different size. I have bought a small in one store in a style of top I like and then moved to another store a few doors down only to become a medium or large in similar tops. If you choose to tell yourself you are one size, you limit your options. Give yourself those options back! After embracing the cut and style over the size, I have bought everything from extra small to double XL and anything in between. No one’s the wiser because the key is making choices that work for your body regardless of what someone else has labeled the item to be. They’re YOUR clothes. Pick them for yourself. Don’t let a label pick them for you.

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